Grow Your Gumption

Forget the bucket list

You don’t need another to-do list of things you can feel bad about not accomplishing. Gumption Guide programs aren’t about ticking off a menu of thrill-seeking adventures. You can hop right on over to them HERE. Or you can keep reading to see if you really want to.

The courses are about learning to live as your most potent and exciting self. Developing deep-inside capabilities so you can create new stories, worth telling, all the time. Stories that tell of a life lived to the fullest. With no ‘what-if’s’.

You won’t need a friggin’ list, because you’ll be coming up with ideas about your own possibilities you never would have had before. And just going for it, when and how it works for you. Wild.

I don’t think I’m ready for this right now…

You could put off dipping into a Gumption Guides program, of course, because that’s a super comfy place to stay. But in order to help prevent you from letting life continue to slip through your fingers as you write up next week’s schedule of obligations, let me reassure you:

I love practicality.

The various programs in the Gumption Guides aren’t blow-up-your-life-and-live-your-dream things. I believe in adding zest to life without blowing up what you already have. At least most of the time.

At your own pace, for your own reasons, you’ll learn how to take action.

And, because I like being practical, these programs don’t involve practicing positive affirmations until the fairy godmother magically makes something nice happen. They involve understanding the risks, rewards and steps necessary to making nice stuff happen, yourself.

Wanna say “Holy crap, I really did it!” about something you’ve been longing to do for ages? We’ll get you there. And beyond.

So press the link below. YES, now!

The COURSES  –  There’s even a freebie intro course – how could you resist a no-obligation test drive?

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