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Victoria (left) and Shelagh on a sidewalk in NYC

Victoria (left) and Shelagh on a sidewalk in NYC

Shelagh Meagher, Author

Shelagh has spent a lifetime balancing family, work, and pets with her need to do adventuresome things. Learning to fly small planes, riding horseback across the Mongolian steppes, living in the UK, Italy, America, and back to Canada (with kids and pets), and drastically changing her career several times led her to believe she knew something about making adventures happen. Then she started investigating just how she and other women managed it, and realized there were other acts of daring-do – such as singing in a rock band, or wearing pink, or indeed writing this book – that were way scarier.

The creation of Gumption has therefore been a very personal journey, as well reflecting the intrepid experiences of all those lovely women whose contribution of wisdom and know-how has made it all possible.

Victoria Roberts, Illustrator

Being raised in a combination of New York City, Mexico and Australia could account for Victoria’s unique sense of humour, which she’s applied full force in illustrating Gumption. Besides being a regular cartoonist with The New Yorker since 1988, Victoria’s illustrations have appeared in other renowned publications and books, including her own: After the Fall, Cattitudes, My Day, and Biographees. She also exercises her creative talents in the theatre and in video.

Whatever her medium, she demonstrates her keen understanding of what makes us tick and her ability to turn our human foibles into something we can have a good laugh about.




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