Gumption, the Book

GUMPTION_FINAL_newlogocover-01 Gumption: The Practical Woman’s Guide to Living an Adventuresome Life is an entertaining but totally rubber-hits-the-road manual for self-liberation, with a side-serving of zany illustrations by New Yorker cartoonist Victoria Roberts – because laughter is the best tool ever for accepting our foibles and getting past them.



Do any of these sound like you?  –

For so many of my dreams, big or small, I FEAR I’LL FAIL, or people will laugh, or my family will think I’m nuts.  I want a practical tool for breaking down fear so I can get past it.

I feel I CAN NEVER CARVE OUT THE TIME OR MONEY to do something exciting just for me. I want to learn how to reframe my priorities and plan to make cool things happen in a way that works with my life.

I’VE BEEN PUTTING OFF MY DREAMS because my gut says it’s not the right time. I want to know how to tell when that gut feeling is just fear and when it’s a real risk, and how to manage them both.

If your answer is “yes!”, Gumption will help you:

  • Discover that being adventuresome is a skill anyone can gain.
  • Learn how, in a no-nonsense, 6-step program that helps you reframe your priorities, understand what’s possible, plan for it, and make it happen.
  • Bust through barriers of fear, guilt, obligation and other villains of self-sabotage.

The Gumption program is built on the hard-won wisdom of scores of women just like you, who’ve started their own business, joined a rock band, moved to Hong Kong, shaken up their personal style, leapt from a plane, learned to tap dance, and more.

  • “I gained joy and confidence.”
  • “I amazed myself.”
  • “I regained my sense of wonder.”

You could be saying those things, too. Whatever you’d love to do, Gumption will show you how to get to “I did it!” with laughter, tenderness, and a hefty dose of practicality.

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