About The Guides

I’m not here to tell you you’re inadequate.

Or that if you listen to me you’ll have a perfect, fulfilling, happy life. I’m just not into the whole guru thing.

What I am really keen on, is giving women tools so they can help themselves be whatever they dream of being. Tools that I’ve discovered not just from my own trial and error (there’s been a lot of both) but from the shazammy tales of hundreds of other women who’ve done things they thought were beyond them.

And they aren’t crazy, risk-everything adventurers. They’re mothers, wives and workers just like the rest of us.


That’s why I know you can do more than you think.

All those women – and I – have used common approaches and tactics for getting past our fears, and our limited time and money, to make exciting stuff happen. Over and over.

It’s all teachable. All learnable. Yippee.



4 thoughts on “About The Guides

  1. Monica Sheridan

    You have taken another life step in doing something you may have thought that you were not able to. May the joy you feel in this be heart warming and inspiring to others.

    1. Shelagh

      Yes I’ve been applying the lessons from the Practical Woman’s Guide as I create the book! Seems to be working; nothing like the experience of many wise women to help us all rise to our challenges. Thanks, Monica, and especially for your own story which was very motivating to me.

  2. Augusta LaPaix

    Dear Shelagh…
    I remember your mother saying many times: “Oh for godsakes, just get on with it!”
    She must be peering proudly over your shoulder now…
    Long live Practical Women!


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