What on Earth Have I Been Doing?

Another year has almost flashed its way out of my grasp and, as usual, I start to wonder what I actually did with all that time. This because there are so many thing I failed to get done.

In the spirit of fa-la-la I decided to make a list of all the stuff I did get accomplished this year. A gift to myself. An antidote to that anxious little knot in my gut that likes to gnaw on non-accomplishment like one of those endless fake dog-bones that don’t actually deliver sustenance.

As I made the list I was actually astounded at all the stuff that was on it. For so many things I needed the help of my calendar to remember I’d done them – how sad is that, given that the yet-to-be-achieved things remain so top of my mind? This weird memory bias seems to be universal because I know I’m not alone in letting my victories go into the ancient history drawer in my brain, mere days after they happen.

A few highlights:

Good thing I practiced those wet exits

Good thing I practiced those wet exits

Learning to kayak, which started with the certification course that involved going upside down in the water. A little over a month after that terror was overcome, I was playing with 30-ton humpbacks in the ocean off of Newfoundland.

Going back to the violin, an instrument I played throughout my younger years but didn’t touch for 3 decades. Now I call it a fiddle. The first time I played it with a band I kept the mute on, I was so afraid of making a crappy sound. The one of the guys said “Take that mute off! How are you ever going to learn to play with it on?” Bless the cheerleaders, for they lead us to our goals way faster than we lead ourselves.

Making new friends in my new home. Lots of them. Feeling like I’m part of my community in many good ways. Some of you might remember the word exercise and how ‘belonging’ was one of mine. Boxed ticked, in spades.

Taking a chance on love, possibly the most daring thing I’ve done all year. Long-distance love, no less, a challenging kind to feel comfy with. Met a guy on an airplane, gave him my heart, got his in return. How sweet and rare is that? It’s been three years since my marriage ended and I was just getting used to being on my own when the planets decided I had a choice.

There are tons of other things on my list, too. Biz stuff, creative stuff, heart stuff, practical stuff.

My Christmas wish for any of you who might be feeling your to-do’s more than your accomplishments: Get your pen out and get those good things down on paper. It’s a swell present to yourself.

Fa-la-la and my warmest wishes for wonderful holidays to you all!

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