A big move, scary and beautiful

If you follow me on social media you’ll know I’ve just signed a deal on a house in Nova Scotia. Which is great in many ways but it has my adrenalin operating at a level well above my comfy place.

Room with a view

Room with a view

You can get a sense of the house from this photo taken out the living room window. And maybe see why I fell in love with it. The scary thing is moving there, and that’s what I’m gearing up for this fall.

I’m looking forward to the friendly people and sense of community, the incredible beauty, the presence of music in so many lives and kitchens, the unhurried pace. My anxiety lies in leaving the people who are dear to me, and setting up life anew.

It’s not my first moving rodeo. I’m a relocation veteran with bits of my life strewn across two continents and four countries, so I know what it takes to move to a completely new place. To find friends – the really close kind, not just acquaintances – to find new rhythms of life, and to become part of the community. It can be hard and lonely before it clicks.

But I also know what it brings me. The fresh viewpoints on life and how I might live it well. The wonderful people I’ll discover, and the discoveries I’ll make about myself. The new experiences I wouldn’t have anywhere else.

So I’m using every tool and tactic in the Gumption program to overcome my fears and get on with this adventure. It’s a biggie. I’ll keep you posted.

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