My 21-day crystal-free challenge

In this line of work I get exposed to all kinds of things I wouldn’t have touched with a barge pole a few years ago. I grew up in a household with a barely perceptible notion of God and a highly practical approach to getting on in life. You made stuff happen for yourself. Angels, crystals, and affirmations were not going to miraculously do it for you. They were the subject of much eye-rolling in my life.

I still believe in personal action. And I’m not going to being dealing angel cards while surrounded by a circle of crystals anytime soon. But as I attend more events where this kind of thing is going on, and come across it constantly on the internet, what I’ve come to understand is that, for people who believe in these things, the faith itself creates a positive vibe in their heads which, in turn, leads to all kinds of goodness.

Brain researchers appear to be coming up with new evidence every week that what we think affects our perceived happiness. And happiness – or positivity if you prefer – improves our productivity, energy, and creativity. Who doesn’t want that?

Personally, I like the exercises suggested in this article HERE because they’re nicely practical and they make sense to me. Not too woo-woo. Specific acknowledgements of things for which I am grateful, acts of connection and thankfulness, those are ideas I get. I’m going to try their 21-day challenge and see what happens.

I’ve already made the leap to meditation, so I’ve got one foot on the slippery slope. I’ll keep you posted.



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