When dreams come true

Since I spend a lot of time encouraging people to make their dreams happen, I wanted to share my own experience from this past week. It started with a talk. I gave a keynote address about gaining gumption at an Inspiration Evening put on by WIPP, a group of wonderful women who help make great things happen at Toronto’s Providence rehab facility.

Having spent the past 3 1/2 years devoting a huge part of my time (and other resources) to creating the Gumption program, I was really stoked to be speaking at this event. And it was even more fun than I hoped it would be. But what stunned me – the amazing thing I didn’t actually expect – had nothing to do with the speaking part.

With daughter Nikki (and huge glasses of wine) at the book signing table.

With daughter Nikki (and huge glasses of wine) at the book signing table.

During Q&A after, and during book signing, a number of women shared their stories of daring. Some of them had read Gumption and been inspired by it. Others spoke to me about how excited they were by the talk and the book, and the possibilities they now felt for leading more adventuresome lives. They felt a deep hankering was going to finally be fulfilled for them.

And I thought, holy shit, it’s working. My dream of helping women dare to do the stuff of their dreams was actually happening. And it was important to them.

I could be all cool and confident and say I knew Gumption was going to change lives. But the truth is, like most people, I worried that despite the effort and the testing and all the rest that went into making it, I felt I might still be completely mistaken about Gumption’s potential. I wondered if I was crazy to be putting so much into something that could be a total flop.

Then I saw it in action and was blown away.

Thank you, WIPP ladies, for making it worth every ounce of effort. Your enthusiasm is a dream come true. And the way that feels – well, all I can say is I’m gonna keep on encouraging people to make their own dreams come true for a long, long time.


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