Flying Edna the Adventure Buddy

One of the things I’ve been trying to get off the ground over the past month is a mobile photo app to make it easy for women to share their adventures. The Practical Woman’s Guide is all about sharing experiences – to celebrate our own achievements and to inspire other women in turn.

edna on blue




Flying Edna is the name I’ve given the little airplane lady that Victoria Roberts drew for my logo. I want to create an app that would allow users to have Edna photo-bombing their adventure moments, which can then be easily shared to a hashtag, our web site, and their own social networks.

I need your help! I’ve created a crowd funding campaign because I can’t afford to make this app. It’s HERE

Even if you don’t want to contribute, please  SPREAD THE WORD. I’ve never done this before but I hope it works, because the app would be really cool.

One small note: the payment system only accepts North American credit cards, so you ladies in other countries will just have to cheer from the sidelines.

Many thanks to all!


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