Do you really know yourself best?

Research says the answer is probably no, because your tools of evaluation are flawed, and your ego gets in the way of a realistic picture. The ego likes to claim you’re either more wonderful or less wonderful than you actually are, and it’s very tenacious about sticking to its view of things. Both ego-views create blind spots.

I think many women’s egos fall into the ‘less wonderful’ camp. So while you’re trying to make something great happen, your ego is busy protecting its impoverished view of your potential. This leads to self-sabotage, insecurities and all those other nasty mind-demons that screw us up and prevent us from getting to joy, however we individually define that.

Mindfulness is suggested by psychologists as a potential solution. I’ve been trying this for the past couple of weeks in 10 minute meditations. It’s difficult to get my ‘monkey brain’ to shut up even for 10 minutes, but I’ve made some interesting discoveries about what triggers my nasty crew.

There’s a full psychological treatise here for anyone who’s into scientific papers.

Do any of you have you own suggestions?

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