Does Size Matter?

People naturally get very excited about big, but small can be thrilling, too. No, I’m not talking about man parts. Or boobs. I’m talking about the size of your adventure.

There’s a lot of hooey out there about how you should dream big. But it can lead to dream envy and feelings of inadequacy. If my dream adventure is, say, to learn how to belly dance, I might feel kinda lame next to a gal who’s launched a dingy into the Pacific with a goal to reach the far shore alive. Because my belly dancing dream feels ‘small’ by comparison, I might not even go for it. I’ll pooh-pooh it as not big enough to be worth pursuing.

And that would be tragic.

It’s through managing to pull off whatever adventure we dream of – including the so-called small ones – that we prove to ourselves that we can do stuff we previously doubted. That’s how we learn how to expand our horizons. Who knows, that first step of getting out there and shaking your booty in a jingly hip scarf could be the first step to all kinds of wild things. And who’s to say it takes more courage to sail the Pacific than it does to dare to belly dance when you neither look or feel the part? My own belief is that these self-image challenges are among the most difficult adventures out there.

So go conquer your mini-mountain! The accomplished small thing will make you feel hugely proud of yourself and capable of more. Way better than fruitlessly lusting after doing something so big it will forever remain an unaccomplished dream.

Small. Thrilling. Go for it.

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