Words to live by

It’s the resolutions time of year but I’ve always been a skeptic about the value of promises made to ourselves in the champagne-induced optimism of New Year’s eve. What I can really get behind, instead, is picking words to live by. So much easier, and way more flexible! This may be a bit of a commitment-phobic approach but you gotta do what works for you.

Danielle Laporte advocates picking words that describe how you want to feel, on the theory that doing things that make you feel the way you want is more rewarding than going after possibly arbitrary goals. So rather than ‘I want to be making $xx by the end of this year’ you’d be saying ‘I want to feel wealthy’ (or however you define the feeling behind that salary). It makes you think about the ‘goal’ more broadly, so you’re not just bashing away at a single way of getting at what you want.

Others go for the ‘ONE word’ focus but, being a gemini, I have trouble limiting myself to a single possibility (yes I maintain a little woo-woo belief in astronomy, when it’s convenient). There are so many contenders for that top place…is it wrong to want more than one thing to be important in your life? Naa. I’m going for multiples.

Those of you following practicalwomansguide on facebook will know I had four words for last year that were what I felt I needed in my life:

Laughter – without this I’m emotional toast; it’s the antidote for every trouble.

Beauty – I crave natural beauty in particular and get a kinda starved feeling without it.

Connection – loved ones, friends, teachers, supporters, helpers, and the kindness of total strangers, where would any of us be without that?

Security – the financial kind.

I like this list, and just because we’re into a new year doesn’t mean I’m a new person or even a moderately changed one, so I’m sticking with them. The only one that’s a drag is the financial security. It’s a bit of a boogeyman I never seem to vanquish because, for the way I earn money – entrepreneurially – it isn’t very realistic. I am, sadly, too old to get a sugar daddy, my chances of winning the lottery are even more remote than the sugar-daddy, and I’ve been free for too long to face a full-time job anymore.

So maybe I’ll change that one to financial serenity. That has a sense of acceptance that is way more appealing than the anxiety-provoking drive for security. Might need to learn meditation techniques, but surely it’s possible.

Wish me luck!

Do you have words to live by? For Sharon it’s move and Winnifred sent me letting go. Add yours to the comments below…and have a sweet 2015.

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