Goodbye to 43 Things

Sadly the website 43 Things is now defunct – they were a place for people to post their dreams and how they achieved them. Great while it lasted, the curators have moved on to other things.

What were the 10 most popular goals ever? In order (comments are my own):
Blog, lose weight (also the #1 New Year’s resolution, sadly), write a book, stop procrastinating (presumably about all the things on this list), fall in love, be happy, get a tattoo (really? like right up there with love and happiness? who knew?), go on a road trip with no predetermined destination (yay), get married, travel the world.

Among the 10 most achieved: falling in love, getting a tattoo, and getting married. I guess that’s the power of goal-setting… for some things, anyway. Drinking more water was in the top ten, too… does that even really count as a life goal?

Travelling the world doesn’t even break the top 100 – so anybody who’s doing it or done it, hats off to you and your rare achievement.

The 43 Things site will remain up until the end of the year for viewing all the previous postings if you want to take a peek.

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