Gumption is now for real

I’m very excited to say, after a great deal of production anxiety, Gumption is finally available all over the world, in paperback and Kindle formats through Amazon. Shortly to be in iBooks and Kobo as well.

So please check it out, think Christmas gifts, and pass it on! Reviews, on Amazon and Goodreads, are also greatly appreciated as they affect the visibility of the book.

A special extra for purchasers: in the book is a password for accessing the ‘Members Only’ area of the site, where you can download specially formatted workbooks to use for your Get on with it! exercises. Very practical.

Let  me know what you think!

One thought on “Gumption is now for real

  1. gail

    Yeah, Congratulations Shelagh, this is a fabulous moment in your life. You are now ‘published’ and you can never go back to being a mere mortal – EVER!
    Take care,


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