Gumption sneak peek

It’s been three years and hundreds of conversations, interviews and stories in the making. To say nothing of the sweat and tears, the test readers and workshop guinea pigs, the many, many contributors of talent and know-how, the triumphs and disasters, the touching kindnesses both small and large, the slow-mo grind that is tenacity in action, and the enthusiastic support that kept this project’s heart beating when I was scraping the bottom of that barrel myself.

Thank you is not a big enough phrase for the gratitude I feel towards everyone who has helped make this happen.

Gumption: The Practical Woman’s Guide to Living an Adventuresome Life is now available for pre-order in most parts of the world via Amazon. It will be fully available in print and ebook formats Nov 7th.

You can take a look at the first chapter here.

Or you can read the blurb about it here.

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9 thoughts on “Gumption sneak peek

  1. Elizabeth

    Just home from latest adventure and am sending this round like crazy to everyone. It looks utterly gorgeous. Not to mention brilliant, Gee whiz I”m happy for you.


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