I dreamed I met Danielle Laporte

Last night I dreamed that I met Danielle Laporte on a plane. Danielle is someone I admire greatly for her ability to do her thing, whether or not I always agree with what she has to say. So when, in my dream, she declared she was a distant cousin of mine, I was thrilled.

OK, I admit it’s a bit pathetic (it gets worse) but it was all quite believable in a dream-state, seeing as I have actual, real first cousins living in the same city (Vancouver) and, metaphorically, we’re related because Danielle and I do the same kind of work – helping women lead richer lives. Dreams have that nice ability to take a small truth-thread and pump it up into something ludicrously more exciting.

That was the ‘this is the company I dream of keeping’ part of things.

Then I went to exchange business cards so we’d be able to contact each other, but mine were all chewed up with holes in them. That was the classic, self-doubt, ‘I’m not really in the same class’ part of things. And, sadly, the stimulus to wake up.

My dreams are so cliched and so darned easy to interpret that sometimes I wonder if I’m actually asleep when I’m having them.

But back to the doubt: Anybody who’s tried to pull off something outside their comfort zone (and creating the Practical Woman’s Guide has certainly been that for me) knows this feeling well. You don’t get anywhere until you learn how to bop that nasty little editor roundly on the head. I’m going to focus on the first part of the dream.

Perhaps, someday, I actually will meet Danielle. I’d like that. She will not turn out to be my cousin – except, of course, metaphorically. My business cards? They’ll be whole and beautiful.

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