Speak up and save your thyroid

While holed up at my sister’s house in Nova Scotia, I was about to use a newspaper page to light the wood stove when I noticed an article that really struck me.

Dr. Tara Lantz, writing in the South Shore Breaker:
“…a key component to thyroid health is speaking: voicing your feelings, your concerns, your point of view, living with passion and purpose. From this perspective, it’s not surprising that the majority of people with low functioning thyroids are women over 25. By this time, most women have husbands, children, jobs, in-laws, siblings, volunteer groups and community organizations. Most can relate when I ask them where they come on their list of people they care for. Many women learn to put their needs near the bottom of this list, as they take care of everyone else first. This often includes not voicing some of their thoughts and feelings for fear of rocking the boat.”

It just underscores how much we need to make sure we get on our own priority list.

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