Want to be part of something cool?

As any of you who have been following me know, The Practical Woman’s Guide is founded on contribution and sharing. It’s been 2 1/2 years in the making so far – years of meeting and talking with scores of wonderful women who have been giving this community their stories and sharing how they got their gumption up. Now, as I’m about to launch the resulting book, Gumption, I have a new ask and I’m hoping a few of you will rise to the occasion.

The ask: To speak directly with a few ladies who have signed up to the blog or to the facebook page, to understand how I can make this whole thing most useful to everyone.

Some of the topics I’d like to cover: 

  • your relationship to adventure,
  • why you signed up for this blog,
  • what you’d most like Gumption the book to deliver,
  • generally, how The Practical Woman’s Guide can be of service to you.

If you have 15 minutes or so and access to skype or something similar (or are in Canada, where I can simply phone you) I would sooo appreciate hearing from you.

Along with all the other women who have shaped The Guide so far, your say matters tremendously because what you want, others are also sure to want. So if you’d like to be a part of making this better for everyone, please send me a note at shelagh@practicalwomansguide.com

Thank you so much!

–  Shelagh

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