Everybody’s Quitting


It seems that every time I turn around these days, someone I know is quitting their job. Have they suddenly inherited money? Are they nuts? Neither. They’ve decided that there has to be a better way to make living. I’ve been there myself more than once.

Our jobs take up a lot of our waking hours and are the central need around which much of the rest of our lives revolve. When they suck, it sucks the life right out of us. The money we’re making seems to cost an awful lot. Now, these ladies haven’t just woken up one day and thought “I can’t do this anymore” and that was that. They woke up thinking it for much longer than is good for a person, agonized, rationalized, and had moments of panic that sent them scurrying back into the arms of their employer like some kind of abused spouse. They had conversations with their actual (non abusive) spouses if they had them, their kids, their parents, their bank managers or accountants. They put plans in place to cope with their losses, or put together something new that might, one day, replace their old income. 

Then they acted, even though they were still scared to bits, because they recognized that no-one is ever 100% certain but, at a certain point, the unknown becomes way more attractive than the known.

How did it feel, besides scary? Liberating, like a leash had been cut and all the pointless straining against it was over. And motivating; they have a fire under their butts now to make their new things work. The compromises they’re making now to cope feel more worthwhile than the ones they had to make to stay in their old jobs.

I’m not advocating that everyone who thinks their job sucks should up and quit. But quitting often gets a bad rap, equated with ‘giving up’, when it can actually be a very positive thing. So I’m just putting it out there…quitting is a kind of adventure, too. For these ladies, it’s the best decision they’ve made in ages.




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