How Adventuresome Are You?

I warn you right off the bat, it’s a trick question. It tricked me.

When I first started down this road of creating The Practical Woman’s Guide to Living an Adventuresome Life, I considered myself an adventuresome person. And it’s true; I am. I’ve ridden the Mongolian steppes solo, learned to fly tiny airplanes, raised my kids in Italy. Big stuff. Yay me. But along the way I discovered two things:

1. Adventures that do not seem ‘big’ in scope can sometimes be really, really hard to accomplish.

2. The adventuresome scale is slippery and just because you’re adventuresome in some things doesn’t mean you are across the board.

Not the only way to be daring.

Not the only way to be daring.

This was a rather humbling eye-opener. Google “adventure images” and you’ll be amazed at how many involve leaving the ground or at least perching on a precipice so it feels as though you’ve left it. But some of the toughest ones are more internal; they have to do with personal appearance, and love, and speaking up, and other such emotional challenges.

Well thank goodness I’ve been creating The Guide, because it’s taught me a ton of useful stuff that works in all those areas, not just for getting up the nerve to perch on a precipice (which, by the way, I don’t actually want to do, but it does make for a thrilling photo). One of the best lessons: now that I understand what tools I use to get myself on those ‘big’ adventures, I can use them to get on with the internal ones, too.

I never suspected when I started that I was going to be my own most fervent student. So how adventuresome am I now? The answer is: it depends. But I’m learning.

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