How a Pink Coat is Like Climbing Everest

How is buying (and wearing) my pink coat is just like climbing Everest?
I used the same tools to get there as adventurers use for bigger things:

You don't have to be Barbie to do it.

You don’t have to be Barbie to do it.

Clear motivation: Newly separated after 30 years of marriage, I wanted to look pretty.
Dream porn: I saw a pink coat in an ad for a high-end store. No way I could afford it, but it did crystallize my desire.
Risk assessment I: Beyond cost, pink is for young, girlie women. I am neither. Scary.
Guidance of a master: A silver-haired fellow chorister wears a red coat I’ve always thought looked fabulous. That’s close to pink, so if she can do it so can I.
Sussing alternatives to overcome obstacles: Found my coat while in Zara. Affordable, yay!
Risk assessment II: Worst that can happen at this point is to try it on and look ridiculous. I can handle that.
Support of cheerleaders: Tried it on in front of my daughter, whose jaw dropped. In a really good way.
Result: Every day, people compliment me on my coat and say how nice it is to see colour in winter. I feel not only pretty but like I’m doing the world a service. Awesome.

Which of these tools can you use to make your adventures happen?

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