Why Affirmations Could Be Killing Your Dreams

A lot of people love practicing affirmations. But beware: they can lull you into thinking you’re doing something to move your dreams forward, even when you’re not. When you stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself things are different than they are, or you are someone different than you are – without including concrete action – you’re falling for the triumph of hope over reality.

I am uplifted by action

I am uplifted by action

The problem with affirmations is they’re often the only thing a person does to make a change in their life. And that makes them about as useful as waving a fairy wand about and hoping its magic is real. Affirmations lack the key ingredient of proof.  

Confirmations, on the other hand, move you and your dreams forward.

When you actually show yourself that you can accomplish something you didn’t think you could, you have very powerful proof of your own capability.

Any tangible movement in your chosen direction, the smallest step, can give you this treasure. Currently paralyzed with fear? Try recalling a past action where you proved your pluck. Then you get to stand in front of the mirror (if you like that) and say this is a woman who has actually demonstrated that she is capable of doing what she wants to do. That’s a confirmation. Way better than affirmations. 

Clinical psychologists will tell you confirmations are key to building self-efficacy, or the ability to believe that you can actually do something. Adventuresome people will tell you they’ve been doing them for years. With or without the mirror.

Affirm if it makes you feel good. Then go and actually do something, even a little thing, that you didn’t think you could. And see how truly capable you start to feel.

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