Energy Vampires

In honour of Halloween I’m writing about the potentially life-draining effects of well-intentioned loved ones who are concerned for our well-being: the dreaded Energy Vampires. How can we cope when people who love us want to talk us down from our dreams?

Consider for a moment some reasons why your energy vampires might be doing the big suck:

  1. They’re worried you’ll be hurt and want to protect you
  2. They’re worried you’ll succeed and be changed, leading to shifts in your relationship that they might not like.
Vampires used to be less hunky than they are now.

Vampires used to be less hunky than they are now.


Is this an insidious lack of confidence in your abilities or just a fearful, knee-jerk reaction? It can be really poisonous to let yourself believe it’s the first thing. Ask them what dangers they think you face and what they think you’ll need to do to be successful. Involving them can help ease their fears as much as your own.


You will change. That’s part of the point. If you have a loved one who’s worried about that, can you get them to do something exciting themselves, or come along on your adventure? You both get to grow and share your experiences that way.

Anyone who’s watched The Vampire Diaries knows that vampires aren’t evil. They’re often pretty adorable. But when they lean in for your precious blood, you get to chose how you deal with them.

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