Everything to Gain

Not sure I can be bothered.

Not sure I can be bothered.

Adventuring is hard. Climbing Everest, ditching that lousy job, daring to wear the bright pink sweater – whatever your dream, it takes guts and planning to make it happen (even the sweater). So why bother?

Here are some reasons why our contributors have made the effort:

  • I was at a change-point in my life and needed to do something different to understand what I wanted.
  • I was stalled in my own progress and needed to do something big to push myself in a forward direction.
  • I really just needed to get out of the house and do something lovely and social with the high likelihood that wine would be served. (Whatever gets you going!)

And what did they gain?

  • It makes me laugh to think what I’ve become!
  • I gained joy and confidence.
  • It made me conscious of how consumer oriented we are…you actually need very little to get by in life.

Or, the very best of all:


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