Break it Down for Success

Adventures, especially complicated ones, can look like big hairy gorillas when we consider them as a whole. Just the thought of trying to tackle the thing is exhausting. We know the gorilla will win the match. It’s too big, it’s slippery, it’s smelly, and it’s fierce.

However, when we break the adventure down into its component pieces, each one on its own feels much more doable. They start to look like small monkeys. We can handle those.

Keep on swimming...

Keep on swimming…

Successful adventurers ask themselves:

  • Which steps can I already do?
  • Are there any I could start on right away?
  • Which steps are going to need me to learn something new? How will I do that?

Every step they take to put their adventure into action gives them confidence for the steps that are harder. They make big things happen by doing one small thing at a time.

And the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other creates positive, forward momentum that helps carry them through the hiccups along the way.

Breaking down adventures this way is what mak

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