Are YOU on Your Priority List?

Further to Time-Gaining Training, another trick Gretchen offers is the importance of scheduling adventure planning, just as you would any other priority in your day. She uses this tactic to make time for happiness activities, but it works for adventures just as well. And they make you happy, too!

There's got to be more to life than this  (Image Credit:

There’s got to be more to life than this…

Dreaming of an adventure in Patagonia? Make sure you schedule even 10 minutes a day to researching and organizing it. Dying to learn the trumpet? Schedule that weekly lesson if you want it to happen. (And maybe start saving for a sound-proof room). Determined to try stand-up comedy? Book that low-risk improv class.

Scheduling is a dreaming girl’s best friend. As Gretchen says, if it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t happen.

She’s very practical. And adventuresome.

So what are you gonna put on your priority list?

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