Sharing Your Daring

Two great additions to this site: Stories, where we post the tales of adventure that women have shared with us, and Sharing Your Daring, where you get to post your own.

The Practical Woman’s Guide is the result of story-sharing. The Guide has been developed (almost ready for publishing!) through analyzing the common approaches and tactics successful adventurers use. It thrives on stories – of all kinds.

Book shops are awash with tales of high-end adventure from people who are out there ‘living their dream’, having turned their lives upside-down to do so. Kudos to them – but that’s not what this space is about. The Guide simply seeks to make it possible for women to do things they’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet dared. I believe that daring takes many forms and they are all part of creating a rich and rewarding life for ourselves.

We get more real than Mad Men.

We get more real than Mad Men.

What kinds of adventures are we talking about?

Yes, travel adventures are in there. And moving to a different country. Changing careers in mid-life. Learning to paint. Changing hair colour. Going without eye make-up. Taking improv classes. Learning to sing.

All are adventures. All require daring-do, while recognizing the obligations and expectations of our regular lives that we don’t actually want to blast to smithereens. We just want to expand our possibilities.

You can be practical and adventuresome! So read what’s been posted so far, and please share your own daring.

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