Time-Gaining Training

Time often feels like this.

Time often feels like this.

How many days go by without you making any headway on something you’d really love to be doing? This post’s odd title is an attempt to put into action a wonderful trick from Gretchen Rubin for finding time to do the things we want to be able to do. Like organizing an adventure, for example.

Here’s what she says:
Fluency heuristic
: if it’s easier to say or think something, it seems more valuable. For instance, an idea that’s expressed in a rhyming phrase seems more convincing than the same idea paraphrased in a non-rhyming phrase. When I decided to spend some time every weekend crossing long-delayed, horrible items off my to-do list,  I considered calling that time my To-Do List Time, but then switched the name to Power Hour. Much more compelling.

This also works for things you actually want to be doing that somehow never make it into your day’s activities. Try giving your adventure planning a rhyme and a time (you caught that, didn’t  you?) and see if it doesn’t gain a greater priority in your life.

You could even steal Power Hour. I’m sure Gretchen wouldn’t mind.

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