How to Put the Cherry on Top

You might have noticed, in the post about mental contrasting, that the first step is imagining your dream. Easy peasy, you might be thinking, I day-dream all the time. But the reality is you could probably be making this critical step a whole lot more powerful.

The toppings make all the difference.

The toppings make all the difference.

Most people cruise their dreams the way they surf the net. We see snippets of scenes that bring a smile to our face as we’re sitting in traffic or procrastinating in front of our household bills. But if this couch-potato approach is all you do to envision your goal, you’re never going to have the incentive needed to slog through the obstacles that stand between here and there. There’s a reason the hero in fairy tales doesn’t go through all those hurdles to rescue someone he feels tepid about. He has to first believe she’s worth it. He has to be fully in love.

So, here are some exercises to help you thinker harder about that thing you want to do but haven’t yet dared, so you can understand just how worthwhile it could be to go for it:

How will it make me feel

What more will it allow me to do

What will it help me achieve

Who will it help me be

What new avenues might become open to me

What new people might I meet?

And remember this: benefits rarely come in singles. They tend to be multi-packed. For instance, I want to get my driver’s license so I can drive to work becomes: I will also have freedom to escape the city on weekends, I will be able to rent a car on holiday and drive down the Amalfi coast, I could get a convertible and cruise for hot guys, I could drive my parents to their doctor visits, I could save myself time enough to do something more interesting. I could feel free and enabled and master of my own transportation destiny.

Imagine, all that from a driver’s license.

What is your adventure going to do for you?

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