Have you lost your daring self?

How long has it been since you last did something so juicy you couldn’t wait to tell somebody about it?

When did you last surprise the shazam out of yourself?

More often than not, as we go through life the adventures of our younger, more daring selves get replaced with routine and obligation. With caution. Wanna bust out of that prison and get your gumption back?

Most people believe daring is something you’re just born with. It’s not.

It’s a life skill anyone can develop and get better at. And The Gumption Guides are here to teach you how to do it.

You think you can’t. But actually, you can.

You’re not a wimp for thinking dance lessons are scary. Or starting a business, or dating again later in life, or traveling alone to someplace you’ve never been. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Awhile ago I – despite being a veteran adventurer – wrote about how buying a pink coat was like scaling Mt Everest. That’s how it felt to me.


We all have our own ideas of what’s scary. That’s why The Gumption Guide programs let you work with your own definition of courage. To expand, bit by bit, what you feel capable of doing.

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What have Gumption Guides graduates gotten up to?

  • K found herself a good man online, put him in a van, and went off to the explore the west coast – a gumptious 2-in-1 triumph.
  • E wrote her first short story – something she’d been dreaming of doing for 15 years – and titled it ‘A Pocketful of Gumption’. I’ve never been so touched in my life.
  • N went on stage in a community musical. As a singing nun. Yowzer! Now she’s in training to start her own business, in a completely new industry. One that’s near and dear to her heart.
  • P took herself to Mexico for painting classes. Traveling solo and taking up art. Impressive.

These are just some of my favs, from the many women who’ve rediscovered their daring selves. Who knows what they’ll get up to next?

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  1. Escaping Our Comfort Zone

    I’m fascinated with you! Why, out of nowhere, at the age of 45 did I suddenly realize that there is so much more to life if only I can find the guts to get out there in the middle of it? I try to now live by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt – Do one thing everyday that scares you.

    1. Shelagh

      You’re in very good company – most of us get caught up in setting up and then keeping up ‘life as we know it’ in those first few decades of adulthood. Then (if we’re lucky) we wake up!

      Soon I’ll be publishing at least the ebook version of The Guide – so you’ll have all kinds of theories, anecdotes and exercises to help you find those guts you need. Stay tuned!


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